Azimuth Marine LLC - Marine surveys for yachts in Rhode Island, Connecticut and all of New England

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Here is the most recent NOAA surface chart
The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

NOAA radio fax charts Atlantic

NOAA Weather

Affiliate Surveyor in Northern California

USCG Vessel Documentation

Boat US Insurance

Heritage Marine Insurance

The Gowrie Group Insurance and Finance

Scott Financial Services

Yacht world - New and used boats

USCG Boating Safety

Worldwide Surf Reports - These grib files are very accurate wind/wave forecasts which are run out to 7 1/2 days

The Dirty Sailor - Blog concerning the ins and outs of boatyards and boat ownership/maintenance

The Inquisitive Sailor - A site containing articles on all things maritime - history, navigation, literature of the sea. And a link to "The Boat Prof" where answers to the maritime life's mysteries can be found

The Mother of All Maritime Links

"Ships and Sailors rot in port"